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Growth & the Wisdom of Grandmother Willow

Growth says the Grandmother Willows.....

Many things happen in growth on many levels, inside and outside.

Many circumstances are required for different kinds of growth.

And without them, the growth does not happen - it cannot happen when the experience required for the growth is not experienced.  

Growth is not achievable nor sustainable without a root system that can weather it, that anchors it, that allows the reaching upwards to happen. 

You have been growing dear one. You have been deepening and widening your roots underneath the surface, where others do not see. Look not upwards to ascertain your achievements, look below you, look in the spaces in between, look to your ancestors and generations past. Look at the foundations underneath, where society dares not look, nor is tangible to the outer world.

Roots are the foundation of all things.

Emotionally, Physically, Psychology, Energetically.

Roots are thought forms, experiences, emotions, all coming from quantum...

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