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The Fiery Balancing Moon - Grandmother moon and the Sun as ONE

Someone said this full moon is about fire and cleaning house.

Someone else said this full moon is about balancing.

Grandmother moon is showing me the Moon and the Sun, as ONE right now.

I truly believe in allowing our own wisdom to come through us, to lead us, to help us. Particularly on full moons when we might be feeling ALL the feels, the ups and downs, and the heightened emotions it can bring sometimes - and this one is bringing balance back through its fiery intensity.

I figured it best to let my spirit speak to the moon and set free whatever I was meant to understand about this chaotic time and energy and why I was seeing the sun and the moon overlapping as one.

So I asked: Grandmother Moon, what is this moon really about, this energy I’m feeling so intensely?

And this is what I heard; 

“It is all of those things, my little dove.
And for each, it is different.

For some, it is parting.
For some, it is coming together.
For some, it is purging.

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