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You cannot bury a seed of light...

Channelled - May 17th 2022

"Lets begin.
You cannot snuff out a seed of light.
They came to bring forth their light.
They are eternal light and will always come back to this no matter how dimmed or denied through this experience.
You cannot bury a seed of light.
The more earthen decay they germinate in, the stronger they grow.
You cannot drown a seed of light.
The seeds float and then require ample amounts of watery depths to feed that growth.
You cannot silence the seeds of light that are shifting the collective consciousness at this time. They are divinely designed to grow from all conditions, to overcome all resistance, and to affect the collective with light - be it in the form of truth, contrast, validation, and even in some forms of dark.
The original seeds of light naturally awaken the other seeds of light that lay dormant underneath the earth, simply by being that which they are - light creation.
The seeds of light planted can and will, only...
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A message of Divine encouragement...

A message of Encouragement from the Divine...

Remember my email back in January where I shared this...

'2022 was a year of preparation for this new timeline - this new version of you, embodying your Spirit's true self!'

Well...along the road of that 'embodying' we encounter energy that makes us want to go back our comfort zone!

With the fresh and bright Spring Equinox energies rising from the depths of it's deep and dark slumber of hibernation - it can bring some serious discomfort as it bursts forth, expands and grows!
We often think the butterfly bursts from it's cocoon and flies high and far with it's new found body and freedom...

BUT....That's not really the whole process of transformation!

Both for the butterfly, and for us, there is discomfort when we begin doing things differently than we always did. And sometimes we feel or think we should go back to the way we were doing it before, as our mind and body say hold on, that's not how we usually do it! It's important to remember that...

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Forgiveness is an act of Self Love - A channel from the Mother of all Creation

POWERFUL channel from the Mother of all Creation Energy - May 2022❤. You are going to want to watch the channeled video regarding this, channeled with Thich Nhat Hanh, Archangels, Dolores Cannon and Norse God Odin!  Watch HERE after reading this channel:

"Forgiveness is an act of self love. 
It is the act of loving the self enough, not to carry the burdens of shame, guilt, regret and betrayal of others.
The act of loving the self enough, to keep loving despite anothers inability to.
The act of the loving the self enough, to allow the people we love to work through their own self forgiveness.
The act of loving the self enough to know when it wasn't about you.
The act of loving the self enough to know when it was all about you.
The act of loving the self enough to know that they, know not what they do.
The act of loving the self enough to know that sometimes, you too, know not what you do.
Forgiveness is an act of self love, for they truly...
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Collective Consciousness Energy Update - March 16, 2023

Collective Energy Update - March 16th 2023

Yes we are creators of our own world.
AND…Remember we are also a collective consciousness of creators. And the ONLY agenda truth at this time has, is FREEDOM.

The collective consciousness is being used to move the earth plane and all it’s inhabitants to move to a higher consciousness. Dolores…the waves of volunteers were seeded in waves in order to prepare, in order to balance as the frequency changes. It is marked in tandem and perfect divine timing with the waves of souls that would be triggered, awakened - ready for the evolution, or ascension into a greater consciousness. This process of truth unveiling creates fragmentations for those embedded in the illusion, while others it is the calling back of the fragments of themselves. Both are occurring at the same time on the earth plane and within the collective consciousness.

Waves, or stages, as one might call it, is required in order to ensure that balance can be...

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Developing an Intuitive Mindset with Daily Divining

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