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Lyran Consciousness & Sirius & Energy Mapping

***This channel regarding the Lion and Lyran energy, along with Sirius Star System Beings, is anchored by today's channel on YouTube, which is linked at the bottom of this channel.
***Please note, this was channelled back in 2022, preparing us energetically, lining up for this eclipse energy.
"Today's energy channel from Ava and my guides 💫💫💫
Lionsgate portal and energy mapping...
channelled Aug 7th 2022
"3rd  full supermoon in a row following very specific astrological signs, North node alignments and the lionsgate portal.
Each moon aligned with a planetary trine thats shifts, purges, ignites, heals, cleanses and merges. The alignments signify a turning of the tide and breathtaking view of the energetic mapping and the patterning in one self.
Looking back, the energies clearly are showing us the path and the purpose of this portal the present energy - everything is connected. The complexity of the universe is astounding and humbling yet simple in its divine nature.
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