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Rewriting the meaning of the Month of Love - According to Spirit

Dang....Even the sweet potatoe knows that it is love.  Even when I waited too long to cut it up and rotted - Even then, it decayed knowing it is still LOVE.

Im being nudged by Spirit to rewrite the meaning of the month of love according to the universe...according to Spirit... according to its true colours, true form.In the month of LOVE let everything represent the infinite forms of love.Family, friends, partners, animals, the sunshine, our food, laughter, hugs, tea, good books, music, your neighbors, our teachers, babies, grandparents, your ex, the plants, your colleagues...

Most importantly- YOU. Yes, YOU. You are LOVE. The fact that you are embodied right now, means you are the epitome of divine LOVE.The fact that you just took a breath, a breath of life, a breath of the universe...that breath, that air, is LOVE that you just inhaled in its most infinite form.Even when your grumpy, angry, sad, and crying, or made a mistake, or missing loved ones - YOU are...

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