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Bloom darling. It is time...

A message for you from my divine daughter, AVA.
The universe wants to see you bloom.
I want to see you bloom.
I want to hear you sing - sing like your voice will die if you do not.
I want you to ignite the fierceness in your eyes, seeing through the eyes of the divine.
I  want you to breathe in the universe, drawing in the breath of creation in its entirety.
I want you to exhale love, watching the force of it ripple out into the vastness of the ocean, vibrating every drop.
I want you to sit in the stillness of a thousand masters.
I want you to paint on a canvas as wide as a house with all of the colours in the rainbow, the bright, the dark, the light, the soft - paint them all, with delight and depth.
I want you to float with the clouds, moving and transforming, not caring what you were and what you will be.
I want you to hold the flame of magic within your hand and watch it grow and move through your very being.
I want you to smile so wide and so bright...
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