DivineĀ Guidance for the Soul's Journey

The New Moon of Embodiment & how YOU can harness it's energy! Mar 09, 2024


Eeekkk!!!! I HAVE to share this with you beautiful souls....


Have you ever tried all that manifesting stuff and it didn’t really work out? Maybe it came in and appeared to be it, but then it left or changed just as quickly? Or maybe it left you with nothing but disappointment so you ended up wishing but doubting at the same time? ME TOO! And its NOT your fault...we were missing some very important understandings about...

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Bloom darling. It is time... Apr 10, 2023
A message for you from my divine daughter, AVA.
The universe wants to see you bloom.
I want to see you bloom.
I want to hear you sing - sing like your voice will die if you do not.
I want you to ignite the fierceness in your eyes, seeing through the eyes of the divine.
I  want you to breathe in the universe, drawing in the breath of creation in its entirety.
I want you to exhale love, watching the force of it ripple out into the vastness of the ocean, vibrating every...
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