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Equinox + Harvest Super Moon = NEXT LEVEL TRANSFORMATION!


This Equinox energy and the upcoming Harvest Supermoon is packed with so many deep revelations, with deep and profound impace for all of us - It's actually a little SCARY!

Let me explain.

It's just a season change, they say - BUT...I'm going to highlight the four markers of why it's soooo much more, so you can see exactly why this potent mix of cycles and season is deeply revealing and deeply healing - which equals deep RADICAL CHANGE in our lives and timelines - So yes - This time and energy is both terrifying and exhilirating - It may leave you wanting to hide and contract OR fuel your desire to expand leaps and bounds.

Here's the four markers of this intense change energy that have been leading up to this supermoon, are currently in play, and where they are all headed. ALL connected and divinely designed to reveal you, heal you, and activate the whole of you;


1. We began this particular moon cycle with the intense new moon in Virgo, with it's...

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Destroy the box that constrains you - Then create one that delights and expands you.

"When you look way down deep inside, when you really unearth what is hiding in there, underneath it all, beyond the mind..what do you see?
Do you turn your cheek away from pain or suffering the lingers down deep?
Or do you dig and dig, no end in sight?
Maybe you shine a quick light and say nothing there.
Or perhaps you marvel at the cosmos that reveal themselves underneath it all.
Look deeper my child...
And you will see the earth plane has been filled with illusion and backwards teachings.
To look outside instead of inside.
To follow time instead of making time.
To plan for the worst instead of creating for the best.
To fear change, and search for the peace of the constant - yet never being told the only constant is change.
Telling us to see it outside of us, before we can believe it - When we must believe it inside of us before we will see it.
They told us it must be one way for all -
Yet we are really 7 billion 'one ways'.
That you ARE one way, no...
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Working through the Solar & Lunar Eclipse Energies

Aaahhh eclipse season....the first was a hybrid SOLAR, and the second, a LUNAR eclipse.  The intensity of this is off the charts -I'M SURE YOU FEEL IT!
Working with these energies and clearing the way to your peace and purpose is important - Here is WHY...
Kinda explains all the craziness doesn't it?  OR at least a little bit, enough to have some serious compassion for yourself right now. Between the solar eclipse (igniting personal empowerment) AND the lunar eclipse (deep shadows of this life and past), coupled with the Taurus and Scorpio axis on the 5th day of the 5th month (5 is THE number of change) and Pluto stepping in as a powerful force of change in and of itself.
Thats what you are in. Thats the energy you've been sensing, swimming in, feeling into, opening to, and letting go of - THIS IS ALOT!
And maybe it explains why some of your past might have...
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The water is singing to you...Hear her song

There is a place deep within it’s own nothingness, that it becomes everything. 

The water is surrounding you, circling you, healing you, moving with gentle waves through the fields of your energy, your strands of light and grids of pain. Cleansing and purging the worms from your bely, the ashes from the depths of your heart. Lapping at the edge of land, as she rolls upon you, through you. The water tribes surround you. On bended knee they touch the water, staff in one hand, bringing down the light that moves from their hand, the hand of light, the hand of prima, the hand of Christ, the hand of the infinite - moving through you, gently, softly, calmly, smoothly. The water clear, now reflecting that which is being healed, surrendered, freed. Just as the oak has spoken the wisdom of its arching branches and its divine roots, so too, must the water sing her song to you.

She whispers softly like a voice upon the wind, like the Mer’s song as they stroke the waves....

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Lyran Consciousness & Sirius & Energy Mapping

***This channel regarding the Lion and Lyran energy, along with Sirius Star System Beings, is anchored by today's channel on YouTube, which is linked at the bottom of this channel.
***Please note, this was channelled back in 2022, preparing us energetically, lining up for this eclipse energy.
"Today's energy channel from Ava and my guides 💫💫💫
Lionsgate portal and energy mapping...
channelled Aug 7th 2022
"3rd  full supermoon in a row following very specific astrological signs, North node alignments and the lionsgate portal.
Each moon aligned with a planetary trine thats shifts, purges, ignites, heals, cleanses and merges. The alignments signify a turning of the tide and breathtaking view of the energetic mapping and the patterning in one self.
Looking back, the energies clearly are showing us the path and the purpose of this portal the present energy - everything is connected. The complexity of the universe is astounding and humbling yet simple in its divine nature.
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Bloom darling. It is time...

A message for you from my divine daughter, AVA.
The universe wants to see you bloom.
I want to see you bloom.
I want to hear you sing - sing like your voice will die if you do not.
I want you to ignite the fierceness in your eyes, seeing through the eyes of the divine.
I  want you to breathe in the universe, drawing in the breath of creation in its entirety.
I want you to exhale love, watching the force of it ripple out into the vastness of the ocean, vibrating every drop.
I want you to sit in the stillness of a thousand masters.
I want you to paint on a canvas as wide as a house with all of the colours in the rainbow, the bright, the dark, the light, the soft - paint them all, with delight and depth.
I want you to float with the clouds, moving and transforming, not caring what you were and what you will be.
I want you to hold the flame of magic within your hand and watch it grow and move through your very being.
I want you to smile so wide and so bright...
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The Fiery Balancing Moon - Grandmother moon and the Sun as ONE

Someone said this full moon is about fire and cleaning house.

Someone else said this full moon is about balancing.

Grandmother moon is showing me the Moon and the Sun, as ONE right now.

I truly believe in allowing our own wisdom to come through us, to lead us, to help us. Particularly on full moons when we might be feeling ALL the feels, the ups and downs, and the heightened emotions it can bring sometimes - and this one is bringing balance back through its fiery intensity.

I figured it best to let my spirit speak to the moon and set free whatever I was meant to understand about this chaotic time and energy and why I was seeing the sun and the moon overlapping as one.

So I asked: Grandmother Moon, what is this moon really about, this energy I’m feeling so intensely?

And this is what I heard; 

“It is all of those things, my little dove.
And for each, it is different.

For some, it is parting.
For some, it is coming together.
For some, it is purging.

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You cannot bury a seed of light...

Channelled - May 17th 2022

"Lets begin.
You cannot snuff out a seed of light.
They came to bring forth their light.
They are eternal light and will always come back to this no matter how dimmed or denied through this experience.
You cannot bury a seed of light.
The more earthen decay they germinate in, the stronger they grow.
You cannot drown a seed of light.
The seeds float and then require ample amounts of watery depths to feed that growth.
You cannot silence the seeds of light that are shifting the collective consciousness at this time. They are divinely designed to grow from all conditions, to overcome all resistance, and to affect the collective with light - be it in the form of truth, contrast, validation, and even in some forms of dark.
The original seeds of light naturally awaken the other seeds of light that lay dormant underneath the earth, simply by being that which they are - light creation.
The seeds of light planted can and will, only...
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A message of Divine encouragement...

A message of Encouragement from the Divine...

Remember my email back in January where I shared this...

'2022 was a year of preparation for this new timeline - this new version of you, embodying your Spirit's true self!'

Well...along the road of that 'embodying' we encounter energy that makes us want to go back our comfort zone!

With the fresh and bright Spring Equinox energies rising from the depths of it's deep and dark slumber of hibernation - it can bring some serious discomfort as it bursts forth, expands and grows!
We often think the butterfly bursts from it's cocoon and flies high and far with it's new found body and freedom...

BUT....That's not really the whole process of transformation!

Both for the butterfly, and for us, there is discomfort when we begin doing things differently than we always did. And sometimes we feel or think we should go back to the way we were doing it before, as our mind and body say hold on, that's not how we usually do it! It's important to remember that...

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Forgiveness is an act of Self Love - A channel from the Mother of all Creation

POWERFUL channel from the Mother of all Creation Energy - May 2022❤. You are going to want to watch the channeled video regarding this, channeled with Thich Nhat Hanh, Archangels, Dolores Cannon and Norse God Odin!  Watch HERE after reading this channel:

"Forgiveness is an act of self love. 
It is the act of loving the self enough, not to carry the burdens of shame, guilt, regret and betrayal of others.
The act of loving the self enough, to keep loving despite anothers inability to.
The act of the loving the self enough, to allow the people we love to work through their own self forgiveness.
The act of loving the self enough to know when it wasn't about you.
The act of loving the self enough to know when it was all about you.
The act of loving the self enough to know that they, know not what they do.
The act of loving the self enough to know that sometimes, you too, know not what you do.
Forgiveness is an act of self love, for they truly...
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